Wydler fonds

The Wydler equity fund outperforms the benchmark over the long term. We focus on two funds: the Wydler Global Equity Fund (equities) and the Wydler Global Bond Fund (bonds).

Wydler Global Equity Fund (equities)

Investment fund under Swiss law of the “securities fund” type. The fund seeks capital appreciation by investing in the global financial markets. The objective is to participate in the long-term equity market development and to strive for absolute added value with a flexible strategy and strict risk management. The assessment of the development of the economic, capital market and stock market situation is based on fundamental and technical analysis.

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Wydler Global Bond Fund (bonds)

Investment fund under Swiss law of the type “securities fund” with Swiss franc as accounting currency. The fund aims to preserve value combined with an appropriate return by investing in bonds issued worldwide on the main international financial markets and denominated in a freely convertible currency. When selecting investments, the aspects of creditworthiness, value growth and return are weighed up.

With focus, we make investing clear and simple. And you can choose exactly the mix that suits you.

Two more plus points for you:

  • Wydler funds also contain our money. This is an additional guarantee for prudent decisions and well-considered investments.
  • You can keep your bank account. As custodian bank you simply choose a bank of your confidence with Swiss domicile.