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Asset management for doctors

Are you a doctor, are you in a management position or successfully running your own practice, have you made a name for yourself and the combination of professional expertise and hard work is bearing fruit on your account? Congratulations!

How can you invest your assets? You may have concrete ideas. But maybe you don’t know your way around, the capital market per se doesn’t really interest you, or you simply don’t have the time? You prefer to read the feature pages of your daily newspaper, do sports or go to the mountains before you start thinking about investments?

Asset management for physicians - stethoscope and course value

How can you invest promisingly in the current environment?

You see the prices of real estate exploding. On the other hand, every year you receive a letter from your life insurance company announcing lower returns. And the money in your bank account may even be incurring penalty interest. Your bank advisor advises you on investments that you don’t understand, that feel like they bring more costs than benefits, and the bottom line is that you’re left with an uneasy feeling. 

Yet you are “only” looking for a trusted advisor who can identify with your financial situation, who puts all the cards on the table, plays fair, brings the professional know-how and looks after your assets in the best possible way.

How do you find a trustworthy and reliable partner?

This is where we come in, because this is exactly the environment in which we are at home. According to BaFin’s definition, we are a financial portfolio manager, which in terms of qualifications goes well beyond a mere advisor. This is because we manage your assets at our own discretion. Only our exclusive licensing assures you that we are truly independent and can therefore act exclusively in your interest. You alone decide which parameters are important to you, we inform you comprehensively about all essential details and then implement your wishes.

Plain language is our capital. We measure ourselves by this company credo. Because with us you know right from the start where and how we invest your money, what opportunities and risks characterize your investments, what costs you will incur. We address everything openly, straightforwardly and trustfully. That’s how we’ve been doing it for more than a quarter of a century -- and that’s how we’ll continue to do it.

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With us you are a private patient

And therefore enjoy first class treatment:

  • You will have a personal contact person and a deputy
  • We are there for you when you need us, individual service guaranteed
  • You have full control, right from the start. We are happy to help you choose your custodian, but the decision is yours at the end of the day
  • Transparency, honesty and understanding are important for every patient. That’s how we feel about you, because it’s your money.
  • We keep you informed as often as you wish. We explain and we clarify. And answer all your questions.

You are in focus

You choose which bank we can manage your assets with and we take care of the rest. We give you the gift of time to take care of what’s important to you -- your family, your hobbies, your health, or just being yourself.

Health, surgeries and aftercare are complex issues

So are the right investment vehicles for assets. That’s why it’s important to look at all aspects of your life, invest wisely and let our experience help you.

Make an appointment for an initial consultation here. At your office, at our office, or in a Corona-compliant digital format from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

PS: You already have an asset manager or are in the asset management department at your bank? Here’s why it’s worth taking a closer look. Here you can find our article that deals with the topic: 

Change asset manager? Here’s why! (to the article)

Christian Weber - Senior Relationship Manager

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