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Individual portfolio

Many banks and also asset managers often offer their customers standardized solutions without considering in detail whether the customer actually wants this. The magic word used by these companies may be “segmentation,” but in reality it simply means “standardization. Every customer is supposed to fit into a template, and within this template, the investments to be made are determined over the customer’s head. Individuality is out of the question. But no customer and his circumstances are identical to those of a second. Because each person pursues a different investment goal, the solution to achieve this goal is also always different.

Individuality knows no boundaries

Do you drive a car like the ones you see on every corner? Or have you chosen special equipment? Do you wear metal glasses with real lenses? Or perhaps you prefer a titanium frame with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant plastic lenses? Do you take baked goods out of the chute at the supermarket or do you prefer the bakery around the corner where you are greeted by name? Do you choose the standard room when on vacation or would you prefer an executive room? The list could go on and on…

Individual portfolio - for all target groups

Every customer is different.

We understand individuality as the special nature of every single person and the need to express this uniqueness. For us, your personality comes first, which is reflected in the fact that hardly any portfolio is the same as another. Because every investor sets different priorities and every investor also has different preferences. Just like in normal life.

Individual Portfolio - There is no right or wrong - Signs with right and wrong.

There is no right or wrong.

There is only a solution that is personally tailored to you. You want to dive into the world of commodities and trade cotton, corn, soybeans, half pork bellies or oils? You find energy exciting and want to invest in a power forward? You know gold, also interested in silver, platinum or copper? You are hot on cryptocurrencies? We explain opportunities and risks to you and form the right investment concept for you.

Individual portfolio - clock shows that time is running

Who does not go with the times, goes with the times

In the beginning, everything is perfectly aligned with you. But times change. And under certain circumstances, so do your ideas, your risk appetite and your investment horizon. That’s why it’s essential to keep your investments under constant review: Do all positions match the parameters you have set? Is there a need for adjustment and action, and if so, where and when? As your needs change, so do we change your portfolio. Because only flexibility guarantees stability.

Individual investment does not necessarily mean individual billing

Many financial service providers automatically associate an individual service with additional -- individual -- costs. This must not and does not have to be the case. Just because you have special needs and (rightly) expect your circumstances to be taken into account, you should not pay more.

With us, there are no service packages with such sounding names as “Standard” “Premium” “Executive”, where a glossy brochure lists exactly what you get and what you don’t get.

With us, you as a customer are individual, because no person fits into a template. We are only uniform when it comes to cost.

Individual portfolio - man stands in front of course numbers

How we invest

Always in your interest and always with your objectives in mind. You as a person are the decisive factor and only on you our investment decisions are based. Whether defensive or full of opportunities, whether precious metals or not, whether high or low share proportion, whether hedged or not, whether Swiss Franc, Euro or US Dollar.

100% individual -- 100% you.

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